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Until we meet again ….

What unusual times we find ourselves in ............

It's been 47 days since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown and with the Scottish government announcing on Thursday that it will continue for at least another 3 weeks, I just can only imagine how my hair is going to look by the time I actually get to see David, my lovely Mexican hairdresser! He does love a challenge thankfully because he is going to have his work cut out for him, pardon the pun!

I can honestly say, I have not been bored, however I am missing my normal level of personal contact with my family, my friends and my lovely clients a great deal. I love my husband and my daughter dearly, but they are both working all day (swots!) and I feel I spend my days wishing "please will somebody play with me"!

There has been baking, lots of baking, however we won't talk about the sourdough - if we needed a ship anchored then it would have been a worthwhile project however it's just 4 days of my life and a shit load of rye flour that I can't get back ...….. moving swiftly on - I am beaten and just won't be led down that path again!

It seems that banana's are just left to go black on purpose by Mr D and his accomplice Miss D, as then Banana bread is produced as if by magic by my good self to be consumed at a great rate for "tea break" and lunch!

So, with the cupboards cleared out and everything that gave me joy now put back Marie Kondo style, all the windows cleaned, the ironing pile no more, and the garden tended, I need something new to keep me occupied until we meet again in person!

So I have decided to get serious and plan for the return of the holistic me! I am going to rebrand! The same excellent personal service and amazing treatments will remain, just in new packaging with additional services and a link to share the rest of my holistic and sustainable lifestyle with you all!

There, I have said it so now I have to do it! Watch this space ……...

Stay safe and well,

with love Fiona x

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