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Time Out From Winter

This is the last day of our Winter Holiday in Marina Rubicon on the Spanish island of Lanzarote where they boast year round sunshine! For a number of years Mark and I have taken some time out from Winter in Scotland to spend a couple of weeks here, soaking up the vitamin D, lounging around, reading books and eating delicious food at a string of fantastic restaurants and bars along the waterfront and mostly preparing ourselves for the months of short days ahead!

As I sit here in the sunshine in my sundress and a glass of delicious Marques de Caceras Rioja, my very favourite wine at my side, writing this, I am thinking about what a blessed life I lead.

We fly home to Orkney tomorrow with a one night stop over in Edinburgh (the joys of living on an Island!!) and already I am excited about the months ahead on this gorgeous island we are lucky to call home! Winter in Orkney! It is long, it is dark, it is bleak, and it is windy but it is also bountiful and beautiful!

Stunning sunrises and incredible sunsets (even if they are in the middle of the afternoon!), dark skies and white horses crashing against the rocky shores, walks in the wind struggling to keep upright, wrapped in cosy clothes, hats and scarfs, friendly voices and loyal friendships, dances and live music, nights in with great friends telling tales with such laughter, candles and cosy blankets, good books and box sets on the TV, shopping in little shops and preparing for the festivities - such delights to be thankful for!

Spending time cooking cosy stews and heart-warming soups, home baked bread and sweets & treats, icing Christmas cakes and enjoying a wee tipple!

The sunshine is wonderful and I have had a wonderful two weeks however all these favourite things just wouldn’t be the same without Winter, especially in Orkney 💕

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