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So you do holistic massage?

Sometimes when you tell people that you are a Holistic Therapist they look at you with a smile, and you know they are saying to themselves “is that even a real job?”

Of course, I just let that slide right on over me, because I know for sure it’s a real job, and it’s a great job too! I am in the business of making people feel more relaxed and better in themselves, and that automatically makes me feel good too!


What is Holistic Massage?

To begin with each massage is individually tailored to how you are at that particular time.

Holistic Massage works on a physical level by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage aiding the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells whilst at the same time eliminating toxins, releasing muscular tension and boosting the immune system.

It’s is a relaxing massage which calms the mind and reduces everyday physical and emotional stress on the body. It also feels great!

Remember, this is your treatment, your space and your time to relax, so enjoy it ......

photo credit - Samuel Austin, Unsplash

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