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Hello, it’s me, Fiona – do you remember me?

Here's a wee picture just incase you forgot!

I haven’t written a blog post in ages, and I really don’t know why!

You know when you just get completely out of the habit of doing something?

Yup, that’s what seems to have happened and here we are 6 months later and I am thinking, my goodness, where do I start ….

I am going to start with a story, something a bit different from my normal blog posts so just bare with me!

Something that you might not know about me is that as well as supporting women to find balance and harmony through heart-centred holistic therapies, I also am the founder of Women Together, a network of awesome female business owner’s, entrepreneurs and creatives from the Forth Valley area and beyond.

When we moved to Clackmannanshire in the summer of 2019 from Orkney, I arrived here knowing no-one, and to be absolutely honest, it was not a comfortable place to be for me. I was used to being part of a community, both in Orkney and in Carnoustie where I had grown up and lived for a large part of my life and here I was, in a town where I knew no-one, miles from my family and friends!

What could I do to get to know people?

Of course, there were lots of options with all sorts of groups and clubs and I was so busy settling into our new home and restarting my business in a new area that I never got round to it, and then before I knew it, Boris told us to stay at home!

My husband was working from home, and my daughter, a teacher, had moved in with us and was teaching her class online, and there I was, a small business owner, stuck at home, unable to operate.

After a while playing housewife, the novelty wore off – don’t get me wrong, it was lovely having my husband and daughter around all the time and I really miss the quality time we spent together, however I missed that human connection, and the inability to do a job I absolutely loved! And lets face it, there is more to life than a incredibly clean and tidy house! Right?

And I just knew that I wasn’t alone, that there must be more people than me, needing supported through unprecedented times, female small business owners who were unable to run their business, or were making pivotal changes to allow their business to work, some busier than they had ever been before!

So I started looking around social media and I joined a few groups and whilst there were some great groups out there, nothing quite hit it on the head for me, so I bit the bullet and started my own, and the rest, they say, is history!

Women Together is a lovely online community where members can come for inspiration, support, seek personal growth, fun and friendship, both in and out of business and it has been wonderful to help facilitate this through asking questions, and providing a platform for learning and collaboration.

What started out online has grown into a community who meet for coffee and cake, lunches and other events every couple of months and many members meet out with this as they have formed friendships and business collaborations.

This makes me feel very proud.

The group was running well, and so I asked the question "would anyone would like to take part in a mastermind style group?"

A group where a small group of business owners meet regularly and we discuss our businesses, hold each other accountable and work on challenges we face as independent, female owned businesses by bringing our minds together and offering advice, inspiration and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on.

I named it “The Business Biscuit” – putting the crunch into your business!

This started last February and it has been a huge success, so much so, that it is almost the same faces round the table now as it was back then – a real bond had been made and a circle of trust built.

These awesome women are not just a part of my Business Biscuit – they are my friends, some of my business besties!

Of course, I like to set them a challenge every now and again …….. as all good friends do!

So back to blogging!

You knew I would get to the point of this eventually!

All these lovely gals have great businesses, some still in the early stages and some more established, and only one of them writes a regular blog, and it’s no guessing that it’s not me, after all you have been waiting 6 months for this! And all of that is going to change!

So my challenge to them just two weeks ago, was to write a blog and publish it on their own website, and if they didn’t have a website, they needed to set up a blogging site – there was more, it needed to tell the reader something about themselves and something about their business and I am so proud of what they have produced that I want to share these amazing pieces of writing with you!

I introduce the awesome women from the Business Biscuit

So no matter what your fancy, there will be something here that will interest you, I have no doubt!

Let’s start with Jenny, our regular blogger!

Jenny is a fun-loving, kick ass photographer, based in Larbert and can be found behind a camera in all manner of places!

Jenny wrote a fantastic blog for the challenge, demystifying the cost of a using a photographer and there is a really cute picture too – in fact following Jenny on social media will mean you get to see a whole range of beautiful pictures that will make your heart swell!

You can read Jenny’s blog here on her website!

For all you clothes lovers, meet Mel!

Many of you know that I try to do everything I can to save our planet, and so when I met the awesome Mel, I just loved what she does – her business ticks all the boxes for me! OOSHASC by Mel Anderson (Once Owned Should Have A Second Chance) is a fantastic pre-loved ladies clothing boutique in Dollar.

Mel is such a lovely lady and her blog “Does my bum look big in this” gives a small insight into her business, and she also does a live on Facebook every Friday showing off just a small selection of the fabulous pre-loved and often brand new with tags clothes that she has available!

You can read Mel’s blog here

Do you like a cheeky wee weekend away or even a longer break?

Not far from Mel, you will find Bank Hill Cottage in Dollar, owned and operated by the lovely Shirley.

An Airbnb superhost, Shirley has thought of absolutely everything in her gorgeous cottage and in her blog she invites you to “Coorie in” – a fabulous wee Scottish word.

Shirley has a fabulous background in the travel industry and from this she knows exactly how important it is for everything to be “just so” for your holiday stay!

Would you like to feel empowered?

Many women who come to my therapy room for treatments have gone through quite significant shifts in their lives, and the next Business Biscuit blogger can definitely resonate with this.

In Gwenne’s blog “Everything has changed and yet I’m more me than I’ve ever been…” Gwenne shares how she stepped away from a long career in the corporate world to live the life she wanted and how she is building her new business around this.

This is a lovely, heart-warming story of how she is stepping into her new identity and you can read all about it here

It's a Dog's Life!

Of course, lockdown, as I mentioned earlier, didn’t stop everyone’s business dead in the tracks, and for Jill, her fabulous pet treat business, Kelso & Titch just boomed with everyone being home more with their pets and of course, the number of people who actually took the opportunity to get a dog as they were at home for them.

Jill “out-baked” her old premises at her home and moved into a great unit at Cooperage Way in Alloa, where she now has a shop selling all sorts of great Pet Paraphernalia and her awesome dog treats!

Jill is our newest member of the Business Biscuit and has fitted right in!

Whilst she has a fab website, she had never blogged before, so you will find her first blog here and I know for sure this will not be her last!

It's good to talk!

Our resident counsellor is Erin – Erin is a Counsellor and Sand Play Therapist, also based in Alloa, in fact just across the road from Jill in Alloa Business Centre.

Having experienced counselling myself over the years, I know how difficult it can be to think you should maybe talk to someone and actually it is one of the best things I have ever done! I wish it hadn’t taken me so long!

Erin is easy to talk to and has such a lovely manner – she has written a fantastic first blog “What’s inside your junk drawer” about why therapy is helpful for everyone – you can read it here!

And last but not least is Alison!

Alison is a designer and her company is Limelite Creative.

You will already have seen her work as she is the talent behind my beautiful brand identity.

She has great talent and as well as all of her corporate work she has a great little collection of characters called “The Quirky Collection” where you can get a whole range of badges, stickers, notebooks, mugs and so much more!

What's more, if you love a Guinea Pig, she is your gal!

Alison hasn’t blogged in a while so her much awaited blog “Better By Design” is bringing everyone up to date with her business and all the interesting work she is involved in! You can find it here!

I'm back - back for good this time! (I think that might be a song!)

So there you see it - I am back in the blogging saddle - and I am still focused on my goal - helping women.

Whether it be in my therapy room with Fiona Dalziel Holistic Therapy , round my dining room table at the Business Biscuit or in Women Together - supporting women in a way that suits them, holding space for relaxation, learning, growth and friendship - whatever is their priority.

Maya Angelou, an American memoirist, popular poet, and civil rights activist said "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

This is how I want to be remembered!

Much love, Fiona x

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