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Heavenly dilemma or what?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Choosing from a menu of massage techniques may sound like a heavenly dilemma to some and for others it can be quite off putting.

Not knowing which massage will be best for you, and it’s not just about your preference for light or deep pressure – it’s also about your health and physical condition right now - can be confusing and many women never get round to press “book here” because they don’t know what to choose.

Choices, Choices, Choices!

So how do you know which massage therapy technique is best for you?

Here I am hoping to help you decide which massage is the perfect choice!

Let’s talk Swedish massage

Swedish massage is massage is typically very relaxing and is an ideal technique to experience if you’ve never had a massage before.

It’s great for stress and tension relief.

It can help release muscle knots, and it’s also a good choice for when you want to fully relax during a massage.

Swedish massage is designed to warm up the muscle tissue to release toxins, tension and soreness.

I usually use my hands, and sometimes use my forearms with a choice of pre-blended massage oil depending on how you would like to feel after your treatment.

Swedish massage can be done using gentle, light, or deeper pressure, and the strokes are long — from the shoulders to the low back and back up, for example, or from wrist all the way up the arm into the neck and then back down again.

After the massage you will feel relaxed and less tense.

What about Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone massage is a therapeutic massage which is similar to a Swedish massage, only I use heated basalt stones in addition to my hands.

It is a fantastic massage if you have muscle pain and tension or if you simply want to relax.

A hot stone massage might look and feel too good to be therapeutic, but these stones do in fact serve a clinical purpose.

The shape of the stones themselves enable me to use special techniques that can deliver more therapeutic benefit — benefits you’ll really feel!

For example, I might use the rounded edge of a stone around the shoulder blade or in the low back or neck area to really relax the tissue between the muscles and the bone.

Then there’s the heat, of course. Beyond the “ahhh” factor of feeling those hot stones go to work on your aching back or neck, the stones transfer heat into your body, allowing me to work more effectively on your muscles.

The stones are pre-heated to 60 degrees centigrade at the time your session begins.

During a hot stone massage, I will place heated stones on different areas of the whole body and hold a stone as I massage different parts of your body using Swedish massage techniques with gentle pressure.

After a Hot Stone Massage you will feel relaxed and nurtured and definitely less tense!

Try Aromatherapy Massage for healing on an emotional level with amazing scents

During an aromatherapy massage, essential oils are used to enhance your massage therapy experience.

Whether you’re looking to calm your mind and body or revitalize and energise, aromatherapy massage is a great option to enhance your experience.

Why should you get an aromatherapy massage?

When combining aromatherapy with massage therapy, you are able enhance your massage. Through a consultation before we start your massage, I will help you to choose the perfect oil or oils to add to your massage and as a qualified aromatherapist I can blend a beautiful combination bespoke to you.

There are many benefits to aromatherapy, many of which depend on the essential oil you choose. No matter the oil, aromatherapy enhances your massage experience by helping to align and balance your mind and body.

During your massage, I will place the essential oils on specific spots of your body, while you deeply inhale the aromas.

Aromatherapy is a great option for anyone looking to amplify their experience.

You may need to recharge after a long week or are feeling particularly stressed or anxious. Aromatherapy massage is also fantastic for women in the menopause, if you are suffering from depression or if you just want a more relaxing massage experience.

You will feel amazingly relaxed and renewed after an Aromatherapy massage.

Not only will you feel the immediate results, but you will also experience long-term results from aromatherapy massage as well as the oils continue to work on your body, mind and soul.

Or how about the the Aromatherapy Gentle Touch Holistic Massage Experience?

The beautiful Aromatherapy Gentle Touch Holistic Massage, is a type of gentle massage stimulates your lymphatic system rather than your muscles in a normal massage.

During this experience, I use lymphatic drainage movements, which form a gentle, rhythmic massage with a soft touch that lightly stimulates your skin in the direction of your lymphatic flow assisting your lymphatic system to maintain your body’s fluid balance, immune system, and circulation.

By reducing the swelling in your lymph nodes, these movements assist in reducing toxins in your body by encouraging the lymph to flow freely around your lymphatic system.

Even with light touch, this therapy has an incredibly powerful effect on your nervous system leaving you relaxed and in a calm state of mind.

It is a great boost to your body’s immune system and can enhance your well-being.

It can offer many benefits including:

Improves your micro circulation

Promotes the elimination of toxins

Reduces fluid retention and soothes discomfort

Refreshes your skin and promotes a smooth skin tone

If you are touch sensitive or suffer from Arthritis or Fibromyalgia this is a perfect treatment for you

It is deeply relaxing and relieves stress and stress-related conditions

It is a softer, more thoughtful treatment experience for those who prefer gentle touch with no discomfort

It includes reflex points on the feet and movements on the face which are often omitted from other massage treatments

Is perfect for many conditions that are normally a contra-indication to massage

After a Lymphatic Drainage Massage you should feel a general lightness, feel more relaxed and your movement should improve. It is a beautiful therapy.

Massage created just for you

I hope this has given you a greater insight into the massage techniques that I offer here at Fiona Dalziel Holistic Therapy.

The technique is only part of your therapy - the low light, the relaxing music, the warm, comfortable bed, the beautiful scents, all play a part in making your massage a lovely experience.

As a skilled massage therapist, I will look at your health history, goals, challenges and lifestyle to ensure that the massage technique you have chosen is best for your unique health and wellbeing.

I specialise in customising each massage session to your specific needs, often incorporating different massage techniques to ensure your treatment is perfect for you.

We will discuss this during your consultation when you arrive for your treatment!

If you would like to book a massage then you can do this on my website or you can contact me for a chat about which massage is best for you.

I am always happy to talk massage.

Leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced is my divine purpose.

Much love, Fiona xx

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