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Holistic Aromatherapy Experience with Lymphatic Drainage

The Holistic Aromatherapy Experience is a unique treatment that uses a variety of specialised skin-stretching movements to gently stimulate the lymphatic fluid under your skin. This promotes the movement of the lymphatic fluid, encouraging it to flow freely around your lymphatic system.


I use beautifully blended aromatherapy oils which will be specific to your particular needs.

A Holistic Aromatherapy Experience is extremely relaxing.


It is a great boost to your body’s immune system and can enhance your well-being.


It can offer many benefits including:

Improves your micro circulation

Promotes the elimination of toxins

Reduces fluid retention and soothes discomfort

Refreshes your skin and promotes a smooth skin tone

If you are touch sensitive or suffer from Fibromyalgia this is a perfect treatment for you

It is deeply relaxing and relieves stress and stress-related conditions

It is a softer, more thoughtful treatment experience for those who prefer gentle touch with no discomfort

It includes reflex points on the feet and movements on the face which are often omitted from other massage treatments

Read more about the benefits of the Holistic Aromatherapy Experience in my blog 

Holistic Aromatherapy Experience  (80 minutes including consultation)    £60.00

Course of Four Treatments  £200.00

Please contact me to book a course of treatment and arrange payment

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Aromatherapy Massage

Different Essential Oils have different effects on the mind and body.  Depending on the blend, they can:

Stimulate or soothe the nervous system

Help with sleeping problems

Improve concentration and focus

For our Aromatherapy massage, we will begin with a short consultation to discuss your specific needs and from

there we will blend essential oils to create a tailor-made blend for your massage. 

Aromatherapy whilst a more gentle, flowing style of massage is incredibly soothing and amazingly therapeutic. 

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (45 minutes including consultation)  £36.00

Full Body Massage (75 minutes including consultation)                      £50.00

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Aromatherapy Class

Would you like to know more about Essential Oils perhaps to help with

aches and pains, symptoms of stress or just maybe how to detox your home? 


Aromatherapy consultations are for 60 minutes and cost £50.00

(You can also take a 5ml blend away that we have made to suit you)

We would probably chat on the phone or have an email conversation prior to your consultation

to allow you to get the full benefit from your session.

I can also offer this for up to 3 people at once at a rate of £30 per person - please contact me to arrange it!

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