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About Fiona

I am Fiona, a holistic therapist dedicated to helping women find balance and harmony in their lives.

Working intuitively, I blend heart-centred therapies and relaxation techniques to nurture your mind, body, and soul.


My serene therapy room, nestled within my home in Alloa, provides the perfect setting for this transformative journey.

Being "heart-centred" means that I approach both my life and work from the core of my being—the still, quiet space within, between heartbeats. It is here that compassion, empathy, acceptance, and unconditional love are born.

You might think listening to our hearts is natural and logical, yet living a heart-centred life often requires us to confront areas where we are not aligned with our true selves.


This realisation led me to leave my corporate career and follow my passion, which I found here in my therapy room.

I love what I do, and this is my soul purpose.

My experience with Fiona felt like time had stood still, allowing my brain to quieten enough for me to spend time with myself for a while.  It felt like pure magic.



"Wow! Amazing.  The treatment was fabulous and started the moment I stepped in the door. I felt so relaxed I will definitely be back."


An amazing, relaxing experience. So good that I was actually asleep at one point! I have such issues with a shoulder injury and my monthly visits to Fiona have me feeling great with lots more mobility in my shoulder. I cannot say enough good things about Fiona, her wonderful little sanctuary and her fantastic range of treatments. 5 star but if I could rate higher I would. Thanks again and see you next month.



Where to find me & get in touch

If you would like to have a chat before booking or would prefer to book an appointment with me personally rather than online please don't hesitate to drop me an email or give me a call.   Please leave a message on my voicemail if I don't answer as I may be with a client.

I will reply to all messages as soon as I can,

With love, Fiona


Fiona Dalziel Holistic Therapy

15 Ludgate, Alloa, Scotland FK10 2DR

07725 489260    |

Fiona Dalziel Holistic Therapy

15 Ludgate, Alloa, Scotland FK10 2DR

07725 489260    |

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