Fiona uses Harley Wax, which was originally established in the UK, for all her waxing treatments.

What makes Harley Wax superior to other wax is that it causes less irritation, less discomfort and better results. With Harley Wax, you can you can expect a nourishing skin treatment that will remove hairs as short as 1mm. Unlike other depilatory routines, Harley Wax almost has no sticky residue, it leaves skin soft with no irritation, removes hair from the root to reduce chances of ingrown hairs and leaves skin hair free for much longer. 

Fiona uses warm wax for hair removal in large areas like arms and legs, this treatment is quick and effective.  For underarms, bikini line and facial waxing the preferred wax to use is hot wax or film wax depending on your hair & skin type.


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Full Leg Wax                                   £25.00

Half Leg Wax                                  £16.00

Bikini Line Wax                                 £8.00

Extended Bikini Line Wax                 £12.00

Underarm Wax                                 £8.00 Forearm Wax                                 £12.00

Eyebrow                                           £7.00

Lip                                                   £7.00

Chin                                                £6.00

Lip & Chin                                      £12.00

Back                                              £20.00

Chest (Gents)                                  £22.00

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