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How do summer and winter skin differ?

I found this article in a professional journal very interesting and it got me thinking about what we do different for our skin in Winter from Summer!

“The skin is the largest organ of the body, defending us from the environment we live in. Whether living in a hot country with blazing sunlight, or in cold harsh climates with lots of snow, skin works tirelessly to protect us.

During the summer months in the UK we can experience higher temperatures; which can increase sebaceous gland activity, making our skin oilier and increasing the chances of breakouts. Higher humidity levels can stimulate the sudoriferous glands, leading to increased perspiration and less clothing being worn which exposes the skin to harmful UV rays.

When the season changes, so do temperature levels which drop quickly. We may notice skin feeling less oily with tightness due to less moisture in the air, fluctuations of temperature will become the norm with low outside temperatures and high temperatures inside. Whilst our skin will adapt to its conditions it likes consistency and dislikes sudden changes which make it work overtime to ensure levels are maintained” Eve Taylor (London) 2018

We should change the wardrobe for our skin, just like we do our body - after all, we keep our bodies warm with winter knits & cosy coats and boots, and we drink hot chocolate by the fire, so it stands to reason we should do the same for our face, our lips and our hands! Apply creams instead of lotions to moisturise and provide a protective barrier, have facials with oatmeal masques for essential nourishing and cosy experiences - apply the Hygge principle for your skin and your life by creating a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Photo Credit: Tamar Waskey, Unsplash

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