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Home is where the heart, and the peace of mind is …...

It seems like only yesterday that I did my first blog post however 13 days have passed! The legend that is John Lennon famously quoted "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans" in one of the songs he penned, and boy was he right! These last 13 days, when I have been "sooth", have seen lots of planning and organising - not only for Fiona Dalziel Holistic Therapy, but for Girlguiding Training, Guide Camps & Brownie Camps, and ageing relatives and my mind was overloaded with information - I was so busy I forgot to make time for myself, however this morning, after a bit of a rough ferry journey from Aberdeen, I woke up in my own bed next to my lovely man and for the first time in 13 days I felt like I could have some time for myself! I got back to some meditation and it felt great, just 10 minutes of thinking about nothing, focusing on myself in that comfortable state - bliss ……….

For info, in Orkney, we call the Scottish Mainland and beyond "sooth" or "south" because it is!

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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