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Get Your Glow On This Winter!

As the colder seasons come around, I wanted to share some essential skincare tips with you to help keep your skin in tip top condition over the winter months.

Some simple steps will help refresh your skincare routine for a healthy, glowing complexion and protection from the bitter cold and howling winds.

As much as we'd like to deny it, winter is usually accompanied by comfort foods combined with exposure to central heating and harsh weather, which can all take its toll on your complexion, leaving it looking dull and dry.

As seasons change, so do the needs of your skin - and by making a few tweaks, we can step into the new season with a brighter, healthier complexion.

Scrub To Renew

The skin - like all our organs - slows down during winter as the body conserves energy, and a decrease in cell renewal can give the complexion a rough, lifeless appearance. Exfoliation will bring skin back to life removing dead cells and make way for the fresher skin beneath.

Feed Your Skin

Remember to boost your skin orally and topically with Vitamin C during the colder months. Ensuring your diet contains a healthy balance of this essential ingredient, topping up with supplements where required.

Use a Serum

I recommend a good serum containing Vitamin C like the Eve Taylor Brightening Serum, a sheer gel serum with potent vitamins to brighten dull, lack-lustre skin. Concentrated Vitamin C promotes a naturally radiant skin tone while strengthening the skin, fighting free radicals and the signs of ageing.

Keep Those Lips Kissable

Long winter walks are one of the highlights of the Christmas holidays, but dry chapped lips are not. Cold weather can play havoc with lips and your first line of defence is to keep them protected. Try the Eve Taylor Seal and Protect Lip Balm SPF10 which softens and protects lips with Beeswax and Shea Butter.

It's all about the layers

As the temperature decreases, your skin's requirements differ. During the winter, skin needs lipid-rich creams as a barrier against the elements. As the weather cools, the skin produces less oil, so the need for heavy creams is increased. Use a rich moisturiser to provide extra nourishment.

Even in winter, be sure to use protection to shield the skin from ageing and burning UV rays.

I recommend a rich moisturiser with a SPF included like the Eve Taylor Day Cream with SPF30, or for a more luminescent tone, the Eve Taylor C+ Bright Priming Moisturiser (with SPF & Vitamin C) is just perfect!

Eliminate Toxins

During winter, our pasty complexions aren't just down to lack of sunlight. Sluggish circulation caused by blood vessels constricting in the cold could also be a culprit.

Any type of exercise can boost skin vitality by stimulating blood flow, which provides oxygen to the cells and helps eliminate inflammation-causing toxins.

Regular facial massage can also work wonders. Massaging the face for a few minutes a day can instantly reduce puffiness and banish dullness. Using your middle and index finger, firmly massage the skin and underlying muscles in circles. Work upwards and outwards, starting at the chin and moving towards the forehead.

Do this for three minutes once a day preferably in the evening before applying your night cream, using facial oil like one of the Eve Taylor Aromatic Serums which I have available on my website for all skin types.

Give Your Skin a Boost

A regular facial with a skin specialist is a great way to give your skin a much-needed boost all year round and especially in winter. I offer a beautiful range of facials in my therapy room at my home in Alloa.

And because not everyone can find time for a salon appointment in their busy schedule, you can now order a bespoke to your skin-type Facepack facial directly to your letterbox. These are especially prepared by me, along with a video and instructions, each month or as a one of gift to yourself or others.

I am always happy to help you with advice on which products suit your skin type - please don't hesitate to get in touch - you can email me

I am also putting together some beautiful skincare gifts in our lovely Eve Taylor Signature Packaging and would be happy to help you give the gift of natural beauty this Festive season. If you order two or more products from my website and would like these gift boxed this is complimentary with love.

Be good to your skin this winter - you will be wearing it for a very long time.

Love and light,

Fiona x

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