Cleaning with a Clear Conscience

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

As far back as I can remember, like the true Girl Guide I am, I have cared about the world around me, however as I have grown older, I have developed a real commitment to playing my part in protecting our planet from humankind.

About four years ago, I moved to Orkney, an archipelago off the north coast of Scotland for those who are unsure, with my husband as he was to work there for the next 3 years and I was immediately struck by the commitment of many people we met to protect their environment, the islands they loved and a big part of this was sustainability. I really felt I belonged to the community there and what I learned from the Orcadians about being sustainable and buying local will stick with me forever. This is something that is now part of my every day life and will remain so for the rest of my days no matter where I live.

To be absolutely honest, sustainability and being eco-friendly was not what first drew me to ENJO however it was a fantastic additional benefit - it was the huge amount of glass and wet wall in my bathrooms that drew me to ENJO, as I was fed up having a cardio workout to get my bathroom clean and there was still streaks everywhere!

A friend laughed when I was complaining about my hectic morning one day when we met for coffee and said "you need ENJO" - the rest, they say, is history! Over 40% of homes in Orkney use ENJO - all these people can't be wrong.

ENJO is a completely carbon-neutral, Austrian company, and all their products are designed and manufactured there. It is not new either - the company has been around manufacturing and selling their innovative ENJOtex fibres for 30 years. The organisation has a great back story too - I won't tell you because one day you may attend a demo and you will find out all about how it all started!

So back to the story! I quickly got in touch with a local ENJOpreneur that my friends bought their ENJO from and ordered the Bathroom Zone without a question! I couldn't wait for it to come home and the day it arrived, I ripped it out the packaging like an excited child at Christmas and started cleaning! It was magical! I was so excited - never had my bathrooms looked to sparkly!

I have owned a home for 30+ years, and when i was young and living at home with my parents, cleaning the bathroom was my job, so whilst a dab hand with Jif, or Cif as it is now known and a wee bit Flash, never had my bathroom been that clean with so little effort and my eyes weren't stinging and my hands weren't peeling! All this and just water? I mean, "it won't smell clean", I thought to myself, but then someone asked me "what does clean smell like?" and I began to recognise the fact that if something is clean, it doesn't smell - it only smells if it is dirty, and these fragrances in products only mask that!

ENJO seemed too good to be true! I was waiting for the catch, however it never came - my bathroom seemed to just get cleaner and cleaner and it took less and less time to make it sparkle! ENJO, it would appear was the answer to my housework nightmares! Next came the kitchen zone, and then the windows, and the skincare and on and on until I had bought the lot!

I wasn't wrong - 3 years on, I can now put my hand on my heart and say that I have no chemicals in my cupboards under the sinks - I use water (and just a little at that) and ENJO fibres to clean my entire home and it has never been more hygienic and shiny! From the loo to the windows and everything in between, even stains on my carpet and marks on my clothes, ENJO has made my life so simple and so healthy! My asthma is now totally under control and my skin is in incredible condition. I also don't have bleach marks on my clothes from where things when horribly wrong when you leaned across the sink! On top of this, Doris, our house rabbit, is incredibly healthy - she is 10 which is an amazing age for a rabbit and I think this is in a large part down to the fact that she doesn't get intoxified by harmful fumes from my polish and floor cleaners, never mind the acrid "anti-bac" sprays even if they do claim to be "harmless" and "made from natural ingredients". That of course, and the lovely care she gets from being brushed and massaged with the ENJO outdoor mitt! Great for rabbits, cats, dogs and horses!

People often ask, is ENJO expensive? The answer honestly, is no. The outlay may seem a bit more than you would think of spending on cleaning products, however when you think that you will never need to go to the cleaning aisle in the supermarket again, it immediately makes sense! To clean my entire home, my car, and everything outside from my garden furniture and planters to our bikes, our walking boots and our BBQ's (yes we have two - one gas and one charcoal!) - it cost me £4.17 per week if you work this out over 3 years, which is how long ENJO say the cloths will last (and having just renewed my bathroom fibres and some of my kitchen, I can testify to that) although some of the less used ones will last 5 years or more so in actual fact, it is much less.

Such a small amount really, and much less than you will spend on conventional cleaners and a myriad of cloths, brushes and mops ,and the health benefits and the reduced cost to the environment through landfill and the damage to our waterways is priceless.

In the time I have had my incredible ENJO floor system, my mother-in-law has spent far more money on "mops" of all descriptions which claim to clean better than the last! And they just end up in landfill when they are cast aside for the new "next best thing". When you are needing to replace your ENJO fibres when they come to the end of their useful life (there is a little tab on each fibre that will tell you when they are done) ENJO will take them back and recycle them and they become, for example, stuffing for car seats - how good is that?

Being able to wash your cloths in the washing machine with your normal washing (albeit in a laundry bag) when required is just a treat, and unlike many others the quality of your clean does not deteriorate!

There are many ways you can become ENJOpure (what we call it when you have ENJO for at least 5 out of the 7 zones in your home) - you can buy the whole kit outright with a payment plan, spreading the cost over 4 months or you can buy it bit by bit - you can host ENJO demonstrations and invite your friends and you will get a %age of the sales to spend on ENJO for yourself (we are currently doing these virtually and they are such fun)! I chose just to buy some every month - this worked for me, however it has to be what works for you! In hindsight, I wish I had taken the payment plan because I would have saved £80 - that could have been a pocket from another handbag or half a new dress from Woodlane, my favourite shop! Of course both from sustainable suppliers!

If you are looking for a way to contribute to protecting our planet, or like me at the start just looking for an easier way to clean your home, or if you love cleaning and get a kick out of that showroom shine then ENJO is for you.

If you or your family suffer from allergies, or you have little ones and pets roaming your home then ENJO is for you.

And finally, if you are looking to get involved in a business and want to earn some money, whether it be part time or full time, with a reputable, caring, and incredibly supportive organisation, then ENJO is for you.

ENJO is for me - I would never have believed it however it has changed my life - all for the better and I am not going back. I clean with a clear conscience and I help others to do it too!

I would be delighted to share this with you - get in touch for a chat!

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