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You never really need an excuse for a massage - it's practically a divine right of ….. womankind. 

Your body might be screaming out for a massage without you even knowing it.

Do you find yourself coming down with all kinds of viruses or even almost falling asleep at your desk?   Are your hormones all over the place, or are you starting to feel your age?  Give Massage a try - you won't regret it!

It is both therapeutic and incredibly relaxing, often leaving you feeling lighter mentally as well as physically.​

In my blog "Heavenly dilemma or what?" you can find out about all my massage therapies to help you choose which one fits for you.

Massage Alloa

Swedish Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £33

Full Body Massage £50

In Sweden, Swedish Massage is known as Classic Massage, and that is exactly what it is!

A classic treatment using therapeutic oils helps to soothe away the worries of modern life promoting a sense of wellbeing.  The various Swedish massage techniques are designed to improve your circulation and muscle tension whilst reducing emotional and physical stress by making you feel more relaxed. 

Massage Clackmannanshire

Aromatherapy Massage


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £40

Full Body Massage £55

For an Aromatherapy massage, we will begin with a short consultation to discuss your specific needs and from

there I will blend essential oils to create a tailor-made blend for your massage.


Aromatherapy whilst a more gentle, flowing style of massage is nurturing, incredibly soothing and amazingly therapeutic.


Different Essential Oils have different effects on the mind and stimulating or soothing the nervous system.​​​


Hot Stone Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £45

Full Body Massage £60

This luxuriously comforting treatment uses massage and natural deep heat in the form of heated basalt stones.

Soothing massage movements relieve muscle tension and promote a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

The embodied heat of the stones combined with specific massage movements relaxes and seeps deep into the muscle tissue to leave you feeling stress-free and uplifted.

Indian Head Massage Alloa

Indian Head & Shoulder Massage

Indian Head & Shoulder Massage £30


This treatment is all about relaxing and de-stressing and involves a massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face.


Indian Head Massage techniques provide relief from aches, stiffness in the neck, shoulder pain, as well as promoting healthy hair and scalp.


The treatment can be carried out with or without oils on an upright chair or lying down on my therapy bed and is a perfect addition to a back, neck and shoulder massage for ultimate bliss.

Lymphatic Drainage Alloa

Holistic Aromatherapy Experience

with Lymphatic Drainage

Full Body Treatment £65

This is a unique treatment that uses a variety of specialised skin-stretching movements to gently stimulate the lymphatic fluid under your skin.

If you are touch sensitive or suffer from Fibromyalgia this is a perfect treatment for you - you can read about it in my blog Experience Holistic Aromatherapy.

It is deeply relaxing and relieves stress and stress-related conditions, as well as being a softer, more thoughtful treatment experience for those who prefer gentle touch with no discomfort.

Relaxing Massage Alloa

Bespoke Therapies

Bespoke Two Hour Treatment £120

Bespoke 90 minute Treatment £95

Bespoke 60 minute Treatment £65

If you book a bespoke session with me, once I receive your booking, I will contact you initially by email to understand your hopes for your session. 


I will create a nurturing therapy session,  personal just to you, using a blend of heart-centred therapies and relaxation techniques and can add additional experiences including meditation, mindfulness, oracle cards, and crystal healing. 


You will leave feeling balanced and in harmony with your mind, body and soul.

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