For your hands & feet …...

Luxury treatments to keep your hands and feet in the luxury they deserve!

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High Five! – Restoring Hand Treatment 
This restoring hand treatment resurfaces and smooths the hands whilst serums packed with intensive ingredients treat the signs of sun damage and ageing. Speciality masques are applied to brighten and firm before finishing products leave your hands feeling nourished and protected.


High Five! – Restoring Hand Treatment (30 minutes) - £18.00

Spring in your Step - Foot Treatment 
This cooling foot treatment is the perfect solution for hot tired restless feet.  Intensive exfoliation to smooth even the roughest feet before soothing, hydrating gels are applied to refresh and revitalise. You will leave feeling like you’re walking on air.

Spring in your Step - Foot Treatment (30 minutes) - £20.00

Look after your hands & feet together (50 minutes)  - £35.00