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All about Facepack

I am delighted to bring you my beautiful facial in a box subscription.  

Bringing a salon quality facial to your letterbox every month gives me such great pleasure.  I truly believe that everyone has the right to naturally beautiful skin and through Facepack this can happen without fitting a visit to the salon into your busy life!

You will also gain access to an exclusive online community via my private members only Facebook group where you will get expert skincare advice and also videos to follow when carrying out your facial, should you wish to use them.

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Monthly Subscription - £21.95/month

3 Month Subscription - £61.50/quarter

6 Month Subscription - £117/6 months

Gift/Buy a Single Box - £25.00

You can pause
or cancel at any time.

It’s a monthly subscription, so if you decide that Facepack isn’t right for you, then you can cancel at any time before the next billing period.

Please note, to cancel for the following month’s box, you must cancel by the 14th of the month.

Why invest in Facepack?

A good daily skin care routine is essential for maintaining a healthy looking, fresh skin, and occasionally, we need to leave it to the professionals and get a facial treatment at a beauty salon or a spa. More precisely, you should get one once a month.

Due to COVID-19 we are not able to do this at this moment in time and with busy lifestyles we can’t always manage to get to the salon. I have developed Facepack to bring a salon quality facial directly to your door!

Regular Facials

By making it a habit of having a regular facial you are telling yourself and everybody else in your life that you are self-conscious person who knows how to prioritise things and put their life in order with some time for self-care.

What does it involve

A facial is a multi-step, multi-purpose skin treatment including face masks, exfoliation, cleansing, a face massage and a variety of creams and lotions. There are many types of facial treatments and choosing the one you need depends on your skin type and skin issues. Some are highly moisturizing, others are firming and restoring, while some focus on problem areas and certain skin conditions.


Getting that healthy glow

No matter the type, all facials have some amazing benefits for your skin.

Remember: It’s never too early to take good care of your skin!

The deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, serum and mask application during a facial treatment lead to skin rejuvenation, or in other words – a fresh, renewed skin.

This improves the appearance of your skin, giving it a healthy, radiant glow and balanced complexion. You might not see the results instantly, but in the long run, your skin is going to get restored!

So keep in mind that being regular and consistent with your facials is a key.

Regular Advice

As part of Facepack you will also be able to pick up advice from me on your daily skin care routine through my exclusive Facebook group only for Facepack subscribers.

This is important because you can use these tips to prevent further issues and keep your skin in good condition.

Feeling Good

Finally, treating yourself with a facial will boost your mood and make you feel beautiful. Having a little time for pampering yourself in a peaceful environment will uplift your spirit and clear your mind.

So once in a month, take some time off and treat yourself!

Subscribe to Facepack! You will not be disappointed!

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