COVID-19 & my Therapy Room

With effect from Monday 18 April, changes are coming to close contact guidance for our services as Covid restrictions are lifted.  Hopefully, this will be the last Covid-19 guidance/legislation for my business and we can return to normal.

Below is what I will continue to do to keep Fiona Dalziel Holistic Therapy a safe and happy place to visit!


Covid-19 Screening

I will continue to carry out lateral flow tests twice per week for the time being to reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19.

I will also continue to ask you if you have:

A new or continuous cough

Loss or change in sense of taste or smell

A high temperature or fever

Face Coverings

From 18 April, these will become guidance only.  I am aware that some clients may still have anxiety around viral transmission and may prefer to keep wearing them, others won’t.  I am happy to wear a face covering if you would feel more comfortable.

Booster Vaccinations

I am fully vaccinated and will receive boosters as they become available.  If you have had a vaccination it is advised to wait at least 48 hours post any injection before treatment.

Risk Assessments

I will continue to carry out risk assessments, in line with guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in order to:

  • identify what work activity or situations might cause transmission of the virus;

  • think about who could be at risk;

  • decide how likely it is that someone could be exposed; and to

  • act to remove the activity or situation, or if this isn’t possible, control the risk.

Enhanced Cleaning and Hygiene Measures

I will continue to keep excellent cleaning and hygiene measures between clients, which includes deep cleaning any non-porous surfaces and therapy equipment, such as chairs and couches, and replacing any non-porous or single-use items, such as towels and couch roll. (This has always been the case)

The room will be aired in between each client - I am lucky to have a lovely big window in my room that is great for ventiliation.

All linen will be changed between clients and washed at high temperature to kill any bacteria. (This has always been the case too).

Strict personal hygiene measures (as I have always had) will also be adhered to, including regular hand-washing & sanitising.

Cancellations Policy

If a treatment is cancelled or deferred at short notice because my client has COVID-19 or has symptoms of COVID-19, any standard cancellation fees will be waivered. The client will be asked to kindly confirm in writing that their appointment has been cancelled or deferred because they have COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19.

For More Information…

I am happy to be contacted to discuss any aspect of your treatment during this time.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

Best wishes