About Fiona

Having worked in a stressful environment in management roles for over 20 years, I recognise the effects of stress on your body and mind.  Having benefited from similar therapies,  after much soul searching I made the decision to study to become a Holistic Therapist specialising in Aromatherapy. 

I have also completed training with Eve Taylor London, an amazing, trusted and established British skincare brand to add a range of treatments to my portfolio. 

I am currently completing further qualifications in Reflexology and Reiki and will soon be offering these as treatments in the salon!

Prior moving to Central Scotland in September 2019 , I practiced as a Holistic Therapist at The Hygge Clinic in Kirkwall on the beautiful Orkney islands.  I am a member of The Guild of Holistic Therapists, The Guild of Beauty Therapists & BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology.

Sustainability is a particular interest of mine that stretches through every part of my life from the food we eat, to a chemical free home, preserving energy and using clothing made from sustainable fabrics as much as is possible, and I carry this forward into my workplace using sustainable brands for my treatments, and to clean my treatment room.  I also limit as much as possible the amount of single use items used for treatments through the use of cloths, which are washed at high temperatures to keep them sterile and proper sterilisation for implements. 

ENJO became part of my life over 3 years ago and with it came a chemical free home and treatment room.  It has done wonders for our health and for my home, which has never been cleaner, despite spending about a quarter of the time cleaning that I used to when using a whole range of conventional cleaners


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